Main features

1. High sensitivity which could raise platemaking efficiency.
2. Exquisite grains, with excellent water-retaining property.   
3. Strong stability.
4. Strong adaptability, could compatible with a broad range brands and types of platesetters, developing machines, developers and feeding liquids.    
5. Simple platemaking process, with low cost, high efficiency and low error rate. 
6. Improve presswork quality.

Technical parameters

Type Positive UV-CTP plate
Plate Base Electrochemical grains, anodized aluminum base
Thickness 0.15mm,0.20mm,0.25mm, 0.3mm,0.40mm
Use/Application High quality commercial quick printing and commercial printing
Sensitivity(mj/cm2) 80~100
Gray Scale Ruler Clean Level The third level
Resolution Dot reproduction 1~99%(200lpi)
Run Length 50,000~70,000 impressions
Size Max length of short edge is 1480mm,cutting diagonal error≤0.5mm
Shelf Life 18 months (Under the temperature of 10~25 degree, with a humidity not higher than 65%)


Applicable processor: Various brands of processors with automatic replenishment system
Developer dilution ratio: our developer: water=1:4 (machine) 1:6 (manual)
Developing temperature: Starting temperature is 20 degree, with the increase of using time, the developing temperature gradually increased (units with one degree) until 27 degree
Developing time: 20-50s
* Usage condition of plate setter and processor: According to customer specific conditions formulated by professionals or contact our technical staff.


Unused plates should be stored in the original packing box. Packaging should be kept in dry and cool in the dark, the temperature does not exceed 30 degree. Avoid placing near the water tank, dryer or the place where windows.

Our service

1. Samples available, we often send 4-8 pieces plates to customer for testing.
2. Sizes of plates can be produced according to customers' demand. 
3. We supply online technical support. If there is any problem, we will coordinate our engineers to help you solve the problem via e-mail/Tel/Video.
4. We have a tracking service every month to care about our products, if any problem, we will help you and learn from you together to solve the problem.

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