Technical Parameters

Type Positive thermal CTP plate
Plate Base Electrochemical grainsanodized and hydrophilicity treated aluminium base
Thickness 0.15mm, 0.3mm
Use/Application High-quality commercial quick printing /High-quality commercial color printing
Spectral Sensitivity 800~850nm, peak value is 830nm
Exposure Power(Sensitivity) 120~140 mj/cm2
Resolution Ratio Dot reproduction 1~99%(200lpi)
Run Length 50000~100000 impressions
Size Max length of short edge is 1480mm,cutting diagonal error≤0.5mm
Safe operation under fluorescent light: 1 hour; under yellow lamp: 12 hours;
Recommended platesetter Infrared laser thermal platesetter with 830nm

Note: practical run-length depends on press, ink and paper etc.


1. Unique formulation design

The special photothermal conversion material which is sensitive to 830nm IR Laser is used in our thermal CTP plate coating. Because of the value effect of the above photothermal conversion material, the dot edge formed when scanning is sharp and the reproduction is better than traditional PS plate. High efficient photothermal cross-link resin makes the finally formed plate have stable three dimension constructions to guarantee the plate high anti-abrasion. The run length can be more than 300,000 after baking, and it can be used in many printing environments, such as commercial sheet printing and package printing etc.

2. High quality substrate

TIGER thermal CTP plate takes use of the aluminum plate with complex grain construction and dense oxidized layer as its substrate. It not only ensures the adhesion between thermal coating and the aluminum plate, but also makes the plate possessing excellent anti-abrasion and exact dot reproduction to guarantee high quality and long run printing.

3. Convenient bright room operation and

Printing plate is imaged, processed under day-light condition without additional dark room. This makes operator feel easy and comfort. In addition, printing plate requires less processing maintenance and cleaning.

4. Outstanding compatibility

TIGER thermal CTP plate can be compatible with various thermal CTP platesetter, developing machine, developers, and feeding liquid available in current market.



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