High Gloss Quick Set / Sheet-fed Inks

Printing products such as posters, labels, medicine packages, etc. need to be lightfast and weather resistant. Some general-purpose inks lack lightfastness because they are produced with consideration to color, tone, price, printability, etc. The ink to be used for the products that require lightfastness must therefore meet the degree of lightfastness required by the usages of the product.
HUADA offers lightfast inks, which are categorized in 3 levels according to the strength of lightfastness, for various applications.

Discoloration is distinctively noticeable when printed material, printed by this category, is exposed to Fade-o-meter for 100 hours. It is suitable for products that are displayed in the shops for long time.

Packing details:

1kg*12 vacuum tin packing

Period of validity:

3 years


The above information is tested strictly in laboratory only for reference.

Suggest customer to test the product first before printing.


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