HD-X series is highly recommanded for two/single color printing. This product is first choice to print school book, calendar, pictorial, paper box etc. It has vivid color and good printability


 Printing speed: 8,000~10,000prints / hour
 Printing press: Heidelberg, KBA, Roland, Komori, Mitsubishi etc.


   Technical Parameters 



   Usage Instruction  

        Operated under Normal Circumstances;

        Less than 3%additional viscosity reducer or modifier is recommended,when low indoor temperature or bad paper surface performance;

        Less than 1%additional desiccant is recommended,when high indoor humidity or other affects


Above data is tested strictly in laboratory only for reference.
Please test the product firstly before printing.

  Period of Validity 

 3 years


Offset plate link: http://www.fobth.com/category/Offset%20Plate/products
CTP Machine link: http://www.fobth.com/category/CTP%20Machine/products

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