High Gloss Quick Set /Sheet-fed Inks

HD-VG is an innovation in environmentally responsible sheetfed ink technology that delivers superb lithographic performance and print quality with extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It sets a new industry benchmark for green formulation technology using high percentages of bio-derived, renewable materials and is environmentally responsible technology for printers looking to operate a greener pressroom.

Application Characteristics:


• Excellent printability on perfecting presses

• Highest print sharpness

• Very high-gloss

• Newest binder technology with optimized ink-water stability.             

• High process stability

• Very strong rub resistance

• Earth friendly



Packing details:
1kg*12 non-vacuum tin packing

Period of validity:
3 years


The above information is tested strictly in laboratory only for reference.
Suggest customer to test the product first before printing.

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