Golden and Silver card paper, Laser card paper etc.

Product Examples
Suitable for coating on the surface on the wine boxes, toothpaste boxes, cosmetic boxes and other.

Print effect Features
The product is for offset coating. It have low odor, high gloss, good smoothness etc characteristics.

A.Please mix well before use.
B.Products should be stored in the cool and dry place with good air ventilation.
C.Avoid sunshine from penetrating directly when using process.
D.After UV lamps in use for some times, power will be seriously degraded. Generally speak, it will made effective use 500-800 hours. Please consider replacing the UV lamp.
E.It may clean roller & duct using ethyl. 
F.If attached on the skin careless during the operation process, please use clean soapy water immediately and then plenty of tap water for 5 minutes.

Technical Data

Appearance Specific gravity (25oC)  Viscosity (25oC Nonvolatile elements Curing Speed Note
Transparent light yellow Liquid 1.05g/ml 100-120cps 99% 2-4m/s UV light power 120w/cm


UV Curing after offset coating operation, environment temperature is about 25oC.according to the paper and the process, adjust the viscosity of varnish. The quantity of coating is normally 6-15g/cm2.


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