DOIE 48 Channel CTcP Machine X-0482U

DOIE UV-CTP 48 channels uses the most advanced and stable guide rail technology, using automatic loading way and 405nm laser diode, digital process workflow, high precision dot, low cost UV(CTcP) plates, reducing the cost.

DOIE UV-CTP uses special laser diode and external drum design, to ensure the biggest energy transfer efficiency and exposure precision.

We use reliable control circuity system. By using control method of negative feedback, the circuitry achieve constant-current control, DA output power adjust continuously, LD output follow control signal, which output pulse by using on-off mode, therefore the standby power is low.

Also with ultrahigh frequency MOS pipe and high speed operational amplifier made the voltage pulse rise and fall time on the LD shortest.


Model X-0482U
Light Channels 48
Output Speed(P/h) 23 (P size:1030mm×800mm)
39 (P size:510mm×400mm)
Light Source 405 nm Laser Diode
Output Resolution (dpi) 2400
Dot Reproduction 1%-99%
Register Accuracy (mm) < 0.01
Plate Size (mm) Max. 1160×940; Min. 450×320
Suitable Plates Various UV-CTP(CTcP) plates, Traditional PS Plates
Plate Thickness (mm) 0.15~0.30
Plate Loading and Unloading Loading: Automation(Standard Set)
Unloading: Automation
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Position Accuracy (mm) 0.2
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB,1000Mbit/s
Ambient Temperature 25oC±3oC
Humidity 20-80% (Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension (mm) L2200×W1100×H1050
Net Weight (kg) 1500
Power Supply less than 6KW/220V(5% more or less), 50/60Hz


CTP platemaking machines generally divided into inside drum, the drum type, plate type, and curve type four major categories. In the four types at present, the most use is the internal drum and the drum; the performance with most high-grade CTP platemaking machines is the drum type.

Worked in pre-press printing process, it can be used to connect with bridge and stacker to make up an integral pre-press workflow, which will improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost. UV-CTP can fit the conventional plate whose cost is lower than thermal plate. That is why UV-CTP will be the main stream pre-press equipment in future development.

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