1.  What Is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Required For Each Order?
For offers made in ex-factory terms, we do not impose any MOQ. For offers made in FOB basis, a minimum order of USD 10,000 per order per shipment is required to justify the related expenses. Other offers made in CNF or CIF basis, a minimum of a 20ft container fully loaded is required as MOQ.

2.  What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Required Of A Trial Order For My Evaluation Purposes Before I Decide To Buy Any In Future?
PNE do not impose any MOQ for the first trial order. Any subsequent order will not be consider as a trial order, so MOQ will be imposed.
3.  I Need Samples. Do You Provide Them Free-Of-Charge?
Plates sample is free up to 20 sheets in total. For chemicals, a unit of our standard packing can be offered free as sample. However, the freight charges for the samples shall be borne by the buyer /enquirer. Please note that China Aviation Regulations forbids chemicals in any forms to be air transported by any courier service provide unless special arrangements are dne prior to ar transportation.
4.  Can You Send Samples On Freight Collect Basis If I Provide My Courier Service Account Number?
To have samples transport on fright collect basis, the buyer must initiate the collection over at his/her side & not through PNE quoting the buyer's accont number here in China. The buyer's should notify/appoint the forwarder that a parcel (sample) is ready for collection in Beijing, China. The buyer shall give his forwarding company PNE contacts & address in China. The forwarding comoany shall then contacts PNE to make all necessary arrangements to have the samples send on freight collect basis.

We will still require to quote the buyer's account number to the forwarder for verifications bore the samples can be send on freight collect basis.
5.  How Many Square Meters Of Plates Will Take To Fully Load A 20ft Or 40ft Container?    
The maximum quantity of plates that a container can take depends on the sizes & gauges of the plates ordered. In general, a fully loaded 20ft container can accommodate 22,000 - 24,000 square meters of plates in assorted gauges of 0.15mm, 0.25mm & 0.30mm.

For a 40ft container, under the same conditions, can accommodate approximetely 30,000sqm of printing plates in assorted gauges.
6.  What Is The Maximum Laden Weight Allowed For A 20ft & 40ft Container?  
A 20ft container maximum laden weight is 20 ton while a 40ft container is 26ton. Itill be advisable to check on the maximum laden weight governing the containers of the importing nations and advice us accordingly just in case the standard of maximum laden weight allowed for a container is different between the importing & exporting nations.
7.  What Is The Standard Lead Time For Delivery Of Goods To China Port After Placement Of Order?    
The clock ticks only after the receipt of 30% deposit or L/C at sight documents. The leas time is between 15 days to 30 days after receipt of 30% deposit or LC at sight. 15 days is sufficient under ex-stock basis. However, if some plate sizes are not available & have to be manufacture or made-ready, 30days is expected at least.
8.  Which China Seaport Do You Use For All Your Shipments?
9.  Can You Arrange Rail Transportation As My Country Doesn’t Have A Seaport?
Yes, it can be arrange. However, MOQ of a 20ft container is necessary for rail transportation. Unlike sea shipment, there is no loose cargo arrangement for rail transportation. Usually, railway transporter takes in consignment in a 40ft container.
10.  What Is The Payment Term For The Purchases That I Will Make?    
T/T payment prior to shipment & L/C at sight.

Full T/T payment is broken into 2 parts, commonly known as 30% + 70%. The first 30% payment served as deposit to get the order prepared (manufactured) while the balance 70% shall arrived upon completion but prior to sending the consignment to Tianjin port or handed over to the buyer's appointed forwarder at Tianjin seaport.

Alternatively, we aso accept irrevocable L/C at sight. A minimum order of US$ 30,000 per order per shipment is require to justify payment under L/C at sight unless buyer bears all banking charges.

11.  Can I Use My Own Appointed Forwarder For All Of My Shipment?
Yes, provided the payment term is via T/T Of course your appointed forwarder must be qualified to handle shipment and process the necessary documents in compliance with the Chinese exportation regulations.

For payment done via L/C at sight, the forwarder must be appointed by PNE and not by the buyer.
12.  Can I Use A Different H.S Code For The Plates Purchased Instead Of Your Standard H.S. Code?
If you need a Certificate of Origin, the H.S. code used shall be our standard H.S. code in all shipping documents. The H.S. code is a required entry in the Certificate of Origin and the relevant Chinese authority governing such certificate will not issue the document unless China H.S. code is indicated.

13.  Can You Issue Certificate Of Origin In Form A, E & F?
Yes, we can. It will be appreciative if such requirement is told to us in advance. Otherwise, we usually issue the Certificate of Origin by the local Chinese Chamber of Trade & Commerce.

14.  Do I Need To Use PNE Plates’ Chemistries For your Printing Plates?
Our positive plate works with most plate chemistries already found in the market. PNE CTcP plate & CTP thermal plate works with specific chemistries of other makes as recommended in our user manual. It is never necessary to use PNE chemistries only for PNE printing plates. That's not the way we intend our plates to be.
15.  I Need Wipe-On And/Or Dummy Plates. Can You Supply?     
Wipe-on plates are available only for negative working plates. Dummy plate is available upon special request. PNE do no offer wipe-on for positive plates.
16.  How Do I Know How Much Developer To Order For My Purchase Of Printing Plates?
PNE developers can process approximately 35 to 40 square meters of plates. This is on the account that PNE developers are diluted according to the recommended ratio as indicated in our user manual.
17.  Can You Supply All The Cartons Boxes In Plain Packing, That Is, Without your Label?
No problem at all.
18.  Can You Manufacture Under The Buyer’s Own Brand Or Label?    
Yes, we do.
19.  Can You Design & Print My Company’s Label And Have Them Pasted On The Carton Boxes Prior To Delivery?
To avoid un-necessary disputes with buyers over the print-out of the labels, PNE do not design or print labels on behalf. Should the buyers require their labels to be pasted on the boxes prior to delivery, the pre-printed labels shall be sent to PNE instead. Also, there should not be any additional work on the labels sent, like ink-jetting information & data, by PNE upon receipt of the labels. In short, PNE only paste labels on behalf.
20.  I Plan To Make A Factory Visit. So Which Airport Should I Land Nearest To You?
Beijing International Airport, Shanghai