For your well understanding of our production line, Video on Youtobe for your reference:
This video is made in 2008, so you can know that we are specialized in export and installation for many years.
There are Pakistan, India, Brazil and Indonesia and more than 500 lines in China.

Several parts contained of one product line as following:
1.Special Equipment for regenerated PS plate
2.PS plate sheet-fed production line
3.Support machinery
4.Technical service and installation.

It is not very simple matter to buy a production line. We need to know more your exactly demand before offering you. Following question is helpful for us give you exact suggestion:
1. What speed line you need 2m, 4m,or 6m?
2. Do you need regenerated line or new one?
3. The line only for PS Plate or also for CTP Plate?
4. 1410mm or 1050mm width, which one do you prefer?
Usually,the customer use 1050mm width is enough with cheaper price. 
We will offer you a right price list according to your demand.

new PS plate roller production line details refer:
regenerated PS plate roller production line details refer: